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A Promise to My Constituents


I will always listen to your concerns and

put our district's needs first

I will remain open to learning and growth

in order to best represent our district

with its changing realities

I will serve as a caring leader, committed to bringing

local government, citizens, and organizations 

closer together  



Why Am I Running?

Representation Matters

Whose perspectives are discussed at the deciding table matters!

I am running because the people who represent us in Bismarck look nothing like our growingly diverse communities. We need more women, younger people, farmers, Native Americans, Afro-Americans, people with diverse faith backgrounds and different abilities in the legislative body.


I am running because: 

  • I CARE about North Dakota

  • I am CONCERNED about the lack of representation in our state legislature

  • I am COMMITTED to creating positive change



  • ND ranks 43rd in the nation in terms of women representation in the legislature

  • ND has yet to appoint or elect an Afro-American legislator since statehood (Nov 2, 1889)



As a North Dakota state Democrat-NPL senator, I would like to first and foremost be a voice advocating for the issues brought to me by my constituents in District 22. I am also committed to working hard to improve the quality of life for North Dakota people and to preserve our land. I will back legislation that supports:

  1. Innovative workforce development to mitigate the labor shortage in the state and region and to continue building a strong economy that works for all.

  2. Improved public school systems with better support for teachers and families, and the promotion of local control.

  3. Better healthcare access with an emphasis on mental health and substance abuse support, especially in rural North Dakota where the suicide rate among farmers is increasing. 

    4. Better support for Family farms and our agriculture community.


Josh Boschee

Minority Leader, ND House of Representatives

I have only known Laetitia as a leader. She has committed her life to serving others and making sure that all of us have great opportunities ahead. Her ability to listen, collaborate and find common ground will serve her well in the North Dakota state Senate. She will be an asset to the residents of District 22 and throughout North Dakota!


Tim Mathern

ND Senate

Laetitia Hellerud is a leader and listener, she has turned experiences of struggle into service and support for others. She has successfully started a business, raised a family, and worked steadily. She is an active member of her church and community. Hellerud is the type of leader we need in the ND Senate. The Senate needs people who listens to the facts and the citizens. 


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